Our Story​

We focus on building interiors that look more like a ‘home away from home’ than a campervan. ​

At Camper Vamper, our first experience of “van life” was in 2017, when we borrowed a friend’s campervan to travel the Wild Atlantic Way coastal route. This was our first time travelling and staying in a van and so we weren’t sure what to expect but within the first 24 hours, we were both hooked!

Soon after that trip, and with some previous experience of carrying out small conversion work on vans for work, festivals etc., we decided to do our own full van conversion. And with over 34 years combined experience in construction and design, we have been converting vans into beautfiful living spaces ever since.

We truly believe that interior style doesn’t need to be compromised on just because you are building a ‘van’ as opposed to a ‘traditional home’ and it is on this foundation that we base all of our van conversions. You can see some our work here.

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